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New mPulse features: Availability monitoring, Rigor integration, and full support for SPAs and Google AMP

At SOASTA, our goal is to help you get the visibility into web performance you need to make your pages and apps faster. That’s why the mPulse team is very excited and proud to announce the Spring 2016 release of the SOASTA Digital Performance Management (DPM) platform.

Packed with many of the feature requests you all asked for — as well as some additional enhancements and expansions — this release has a huge impact on how you’re now able to monitor and optimize the performance of your websites and mobile apps.

New mPulse home page

When it comes to performance, milliseconds matter. That’s why we’re excited to provide you with a place where you can quickly get to your most used or urgent items:

  • Click any link on the home page to navigate directly there in mPulse — from the dashboards you were working on the last time you used the app, to alerts and reports that need your attention now.
  • The Quick Links section helps you take action fast by to create new dashboards, alerts, reports and apps.
  • Customize what you see on the home page by clicking the “Edit Widgets” button.

mPulse spring 2016 release: New home page

Still prefer the old Central? Just click “Go to mPulse” to head straight into the app. You can always get back to the home page by clicking the “Home” link with the house icon from Central.

Learn more: New mPulse home page

Full single-page app support

Single-page apps (SPAs) have become a new standard for creating fast, adaptive websites. But SPAs also create some major complications for real user monitoring. 

mPulse has always been ahead of the pack with single-page app support that includes Angular.js, Backbone.js and Ember.js. We’re staying ahead of the pack with our new React.js plugin, as well as a boomerang plugin that supports any custom SPA framework.

Get started: To use either of the new SPA plugins, you will need a boomerang upgrade. After that, simply select ‘React’ or ‘Other SPA’ in the app creation dialog and follow the rest of the prompts. Your new app will automatically monitor your users’ experiences in your SPA app.

Learn more: React and other SPA support

VIDEO: How to get the most out of new mPulse features

Support for Google AMP

mPulse is proud to be the first RUM solution to support Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source initiative that integrates many web performance best practices into a framework, allowing publishers to easily create fast mobile content for any platform. We worked directly with Google to modify the AMP template so it can support real user monitoring. (Read more about the AMP Project.)

mPulse spring 2016 release: Google AMP support

Get started: Integrating mPulse into your AMP project is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is add two additional JavaScript snippets to your AMP page. Optional parameters that can be sent by the amp-analytics element include Page Groups, A/B Test, Custom Timers, and Custom Metrics.

Once you’ve enabled AMP analytics on your page, you’ll see a new AMP beacon type in mPulse. Select this option to include your AMP beacons in your mPulse dashboards and reports. (Look for another blog post about AMP and mPulse very soon.)

Learn more: Google AMP support

Monitor availability and diagnose performance defects

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Rigor. Rigor’s best-of-breed synthetic monitoring and diagnostic tools allow us to expand our Digital Performance Management platform. With Rigor, you can not only tell when a performance defect is impacting your digital business, but also identify precisely what to fix — prioritized according to ease of implementation — and how much it will cost you not to fix the defect.

Rigor can be integrated with mPulse as an external data source, so you can see your synthetic and RUM data in the same dashboards — side-by-side or even correlated.

mPulse spring 2016 release: Rigor integration for synthetic performance monitoring

We’ve also added the ability to keep any synthetic or bot beacons. No matter what synthetic solution you use, you’ll be able to track that traffic within mPulse as well. Synthetic traffic will be shown as another browser family so you can use that filter to include or exclude the data.

Learn more: Performance Monitoring 101: A beginner’s guide to understanding synthetic and real user monitoring

Administrative enhancements: New onboarding, SSO, and concurrent logins

You love mPulse and you want everyone in your organization to use it, so we’ve added some items to help you manage your mPulse instance and users as well.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to integrate mPulse with your company’s existing SAML directory.
  • Company Setting dialog lets you change many of the configurations you previously had to contact support for. These include: setting up SSO, adding or editing password complexity, changing default dashboards and turning off the mPulse Demo app.
  • Concurrent logins let you be logged in to mPulse in multiple places such as your laptop and Digital or Network Operations center.
  • Multi-tenant membership lets users with more than one tenant in their organization be a member of some or all of them
  • New onboarding experience lets users explore mPulse, including Data Science Workbench, in a friendly, interest-based manner.
  • No webperf expertise required!

But wait… there’s more!

In addition to all of the above, we’ve added the following features and enhancements:

  • JavaScript error tracking allows you to follow errors on your site back through the stack trace for easy troubleshooting. Filter your waterfall chart on beacons with errors and use the new Errors tab on the Beacon Details to find out everything you need to fix the issue. (Requires boomerang upgrade.)
  • New dashboard creation interface lets you easily drag and drop widgets; metrics, timers, histograms and pie-charts, all from the left navigation. Reduce dashboard creation to just a few easy clicks!
  • Time window granularity. Change the level of time granularity you view time series charts with.
  • International currency support allows you to choose the currency and format to use for your revenue metrics and dashboards.
  • Custom metric improvements allow you to track conversions either once per session (default) or once per page creating a more accurate conversion percentage based on how you track conversions for your site.
  • Dynatrace integration (coming very soon) allows you to pull your Dynatrace APM data into mPulse and see it beside your RUM and synthetic data — giving you a full end-to-end view of your performance.
  • And last but not least, we added weather to the globe! See live weather that might be impacting your user experiences or creating a spike in your traffic or otherwise changing how you need to operate your digital business.​ ​(To see what this looks like, check out the graphic at the top of this post.)

Getting started

If you’re an existing mPulse user: You should already have most of these features automatically. Contact us to learn more about the Rigor Optimization Platform. For SPA or JavaScript error tracking, you’ll need a boomerang upgrade, so contact SOASTA Support to schedule that for a convenient time.

If you’re a new user: Start your free trial.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this release. Happy monitoring!

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