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Recently there has been a lot of talk about private clouds, public clouds and inter clouds and the problem in attempting to define their key attributes. The problem facing all the various cloud terms is the apparent lack of quantifiable characteristics. In contrast most other areas of technology include standard characteristics such as units of measurement that allows us to define specific quantifiable aspects. These aspects allow for the creation of complex models and formulas that enable a continued improvement and enhancement to the underlying platforms. I thought I'd briefly take a closer look at core concepts of elasticity and how it can be applied to cloud computing. For a lot of companies looking at entering the cloud computing marketplace the lack of quantifiable capacity metrics has become a particular problem point. Currently trying to plan future resource &... (more)

Enterprise-Level Cloud Computing: Far-Off Dream or Present Reality?

Cloud Computing Expo on Ulitzer Cloud Computing, the long-held dream of computing as a utility, has the potential to transform a large part of the IT industry, making software even more attractive as a service and shaping the way IT hardware is designed and purchased. But if it is already a commercial reality, why does Richard Stallman call it "worse than stupidity"? What, if any, are the new economic models enabled by Cloud Computing, and how can a service operator decide whether to move to the cloud or stay in a private datacenter? What changes should be made to the design of future applications software, infrastructure software, and hardware to match the needs and opportunities of Cloud Computing? All these questions may leave you wondering, but at the Cloud Computing Conference and Expo, Rob Walters, Willie Tejada, Terry Woloszyn, Barry X Lynn, Adam Blum and Gre... (more)

The Future of Cloud Computing Belongs to Asia

People often ask me where I believe the biggest opportunities for Cloud Computing currently are, at first I thought they were asking about the technical particulars like public clouds, platforms etc, but recently I've come to realize it isn't so much the technology as much as where the technology is being adopted that is important. Really what they're asking me is where is the money? I'm here today to tell you, it's in Asia. One of the more interesting side effects of creating the CloudCamp series of events around the globe has been as a market research vehicle. As interest in Cloud Computing increases in various geographic regions, so does the interest in folks on the ground who want to help organize local CloudCamp events. This network of local organizers has become an invaluable resource into new markets. These events have also done a tremendous job of forecasting ... (more)

SOASTA Gets $12 Million More in Funding

Cloud-based web and mobile app-testing start-up SOASTA has gotten another $12 million in funding. The round was led by the Entrepreneurs' Fund, with participation from prior investors Canaan Partners, Formative Ventures and Pelion Venture Partners. The money is earmarked for accelerating the company's international expansion and keeping its lead. The start-up has already seen investments of $20.7 million, according to CrunchBase, so the latest round pushes the number close to $33 million. The company recently expanded its CloudTest Platform with functional test automation to deliver the first platform that both software developers and non-programmers can use to build and execute complex functional tests. It claims upwards of 3,000 customers, including six of the top 10 retailers as well as American Girl, Chegg, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix. ... (more)

Best Practices for Load Server Calibration | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Enough Is Enough!  Or Is It? Best Practices for Load Server Calibration By Dan Boutin Here’s a question I get asked all the time by customers and prospects alike: I use “that tool out west” and I can usually get 50 vUsers per load server for my current scripts/tests. How many vUsers can SOASTA get per load server? My typical response: Do you currently use a load server calibration process? The dead silence and blank stare I get in return usually means the person thinks they need a lab like the one above, or that they have no idea why you’d want to calibrate a load server, much less have an iterative process for doing it. Here’s one reason why it’s important, and why I get asked this all the time: I know of several large financial institutions that do all of their performance testing inside the firewall, and thus they own all of their own infrastructure, including d... (more)

SOASTA and Savvis to Deliver Cloud Computing Testing

SOASTA announced its new alliance with Savvis, providing Savvis customers with an on-demand testing service in the Cloud, and enabling scalable load and performance testing of web applications and services. The new "virtual test lab" will be offered as part of Savvis' new SaaS hosting platform and enablement services announced in September 2008. For those Savvis customers preferring to test inside the firewall, SOASTA also offers a variety of virtual and hardware appliances with upgrade to hours in the Cloud. With SOASTA CloudTest, organizations can leverage a testing service combined with the power of Cloud networks for a "pay-as-you-go" testing service. SOASTA's offerings provide a scalable testing solution to simulate real world traffic and loads, uniquely backed by integrated test results and analytics -- ensuring faster testing and more reliable web application... (more)

IBM's Big Blue Cloud

Well IBM has gone and done it, they've announced a cloud offering yet again. Actually what's interesting about this go, is not that they're getting into the cloud business (again) but instead this time they're serious about it. And like it or not, they're approach actually does kind of make sense for, assuming you're within their target demographic (the large enterprise looking to save a few bucks). My summary of the "Big Blue Cloud" is as follows: It's not what you can do for the cloud, but what the cloud can do for you. Or simply, it's about the application, duh? In a statement earlier today in the New York Times, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano said, “The information technology infrastructure is under stress --- and the data flood is just accelerating.” Palmisano isn't alone in this thinking, earlier this week Cisco Systems, the mobile networking gaint, released a report sug... (more)

SOASTA Announces Cloud-Based Performance Certification Program

SOASTA, the leader in cloud testing, today announced a Performance Certification Program designed to enable companies deploying software in the Cloud, at hosted data centers, or behind corporate firewalls to certify that their website has been tested and has met or exceeded industry benchmarks for performance at peak levels of user traffic. Whether due to cost, complexity or lack of resources, the vast majority of web applications and sites have not been tested at normal user volumes, much less for unexpected spikes in traffic. The user community has become the testers for most Web 2.0 sites, a risk that has proven very costly time and again. "To our customers, performance matters!" said Lew Moorman, President, Rackspace Cloud. "By utilizing the SOASTA Performance Certification program our customers will have the ability to isolate performance issues before they oc... (more)

Cloud Expo Sponsor SOASTA CloudTest Deploys 200,000th Server

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo sponsor SOASTA announced it has deployed its 200,000th cloud server for testing the load and performance of web applications. As the leader in cloud testing, SOASTA enables organizations to easily and affordably simulate an unlimited amount of customer activity hitting a website before going live. SOASTA has improved the quality of performance testing, while saving its customers over $20M by eliminating the need for traditional and expensive test labs and testing tools. "We've been testing with SOASTA for over a year," said Chris Roe, CTO of Qtrax. "CloudTest gives us the ability to do affordable web-scale testing, which in turn helps us deliver a great user experience to the music enthusiasts who visit our site from around the world. The key to testing is the quality of the results delivered. SOASTA's real-time analytic dashboards ... (more)

What Constitutes a Cloud-Ready Solution?

"There are risks when consuming the cloud, but solutions are available to mitigate this risk," noted Kyle Gabhart, SOA Solutions Director for Web Age Solutions, during his general session at the First Annual Government IT Conference & Expo held in Washington, D.C. You need to allocate bandwidth to isolate resources as well as provide around the clock support for cloud computing. However, not every cloud consumer is created equally. For every cloud request that comes in, you have to balance the importance of it. And every cloud request will look identical. Security is a key topic with cloud computing, Gabhart noted. There are risks when consuming the cloud, but solutions are available to mitigate this risk. You need to decide what you are moving to the cloud and what constitutes a cloud-ready solution as every cloud request that comes in will look identical. In add... (more)

Load Testing 101

Have you been asked to look into load-testing your software? Have you or are you about to buy one of these “Testing for Dummies” books to get a kick-start in that domain? This blog explains some of the basic concepts, challenges, terminologies and approaches for load testing software applications. It is a summary of the work that I’ve done in my past (used to work for a Load Testing company) and it also highlights how our current customers deal with their load testing needs. Why Web- and Load-Testing? There are different questions you should be able to answer before deploying a new application Does my application still work correctly when there is more than one user on the system? Does my application still respond fast enough with a growing number of concurrent users? How does my application scale with a growing number of concurrent users? Where are the bottlenecks ... (more)